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It's not good to charge your phone to 100%? The data show that battery life is influenced by temperature and charge amount

Smart phone development so far although the performance is changing with each passing day, but there is a point so far is still difficult to break through, that is the battery! As battery technology has not ushered in a great breakthrough, so how to better control the power consumption of mobile phones, is the biggest problem for manufacturers. The addition of such technologies as fast charging can be said to indirectly enhance battery life, which has also been widely used by manufacturers.

Recently, Phonearena has published an article about mobile phone charging. The data from BatteryUniversity show that, at 40 ° C, the battery life of a phone kept at 40 ° C (and charged only at 40 ° C for use) is reduced by 85% after a year, and the decay is reduced by only 15%. At the same 40 ° C temperature a year later, the battery life of a fully charged phone falls to 65%, which seems like a pretty big difference.

As we can see from the data sheet, the battery life is affected by the temperature and the amount of charge. The higher the temperature or if the phone is fully charged, the more the battery life is affected. And if you want to get the best out of your phone's battery life, Phonearena recommends charging your phone to 40-80% on a regular basis. They say that by taking more time to recharge your phone, you'll be able to get 40-80% of that charge efficiently, and you'll be better able to maintain your phone's battery life.

Of course, we usually recharge our cell phone batteries to 100% before we leave the house, so these figures are for reference only. If you want to get the best out of your cell phone battery life, you'll have to pay attention to changing your habits.